CYP1B1 biochemical assay

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CYP1B1 biochemical assay

I wanna measure cyp1b1 acitivity in vascular smooth muscle cells,
If anybody got a protocol for 1b1 in rat vsmc plz post me. Im trying to measure it by ethoxyresorufin assay (EROD) but im not getting any acitivity ..thank you

Edward Dougherty
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I believe that CYPB1

I believe that CYPB1 expression is constitutive in these tissue types. Are you not getting any EROD activity? or are you comparing different sample types? It may be better to test your EROD assay by inducing CYP1A1 via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor using TCDD, PCB, etc., then, knowing your assay itself is fine, proceed with measuring CYP1B1 activity which is more difficult.