Animal based bioassays

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Jith sn
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Animal based bioassays

Dear frnds,
I am looking forward to validate an in-vivo bioassay for EPO in normocythaemic mice, i would be greatful to have some literatures regarding the same.
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marcus muench
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Broxmeyer HE, Hangoc G,

Broxmeyer HE, Hangoc G, Zucali JR, Mason A, Schwall R, Carow C, Cooper S. Effects in vivo of purified recombinant human activin and erythropoietin in mice. Int J Hematol 1991;54:447-54.

Kamamoto T, Kuriya S, Murphy MJ. Effects of an aplastic anemia urinary extract on mouse erythroid progenitor cells in vivo. Exp Hematol 1988;16:268-73.
Nijhof W, Goris H, Dontje B, Dresz J, Loeffler M. Optimal erythroid cell production during erythropoietin treatment of mice occurs by exploiting the splenic microenvironment. Exp Hematol 1993;21:496-501.

Older papers, but EPO was among the first cytokines studied in vivo, usually not on normal mice.

Things you may wish to measure:

hematocrit and other measures of erythroid cells in blood

marrow and splenic cellularity

erythroid colony forming cells (BFU-e, CFU-e)

number and frequency of TER119+ cells and/or CD71++TER-119+ cells in BM and Spleen.

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