Post doctoral fellowship in Organic Synthesis

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arlene correa
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Post doctoral fellowship in Organic Synthesis

The Laboratory of the Synthesis of Natural Products at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, have a post-doctoral position available in our research group.
Candidate must have received PhD within 7 years of application, and experience working in organic synthesis.
The fellowship is related to a grant from São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and GlaxoSmithKline:
Deadline for submissions: August, 2nd 2014

  • Summary of the project: The main objective of this project is to prove the biological activity of quinoxaline derivatives in the drug development for tropical diseases such as Chagas’ disease and leishmaniasis. More specifically, our goal is the synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives aiming at improving yield, a scalable and safe process and decreasing of chemical residues.