Role of Glial cells in Synapse formation

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Arvind Singh Pundir
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Role of Glial cells in Synapse formation

What are the roles of Glial cells in Synapse formation (connection between neurons) and what are the other factors involved in synapse formation , especially proteins(that trigger Synapse formation ), during the development of human Brain from fetus to Adult, are there any proteins secreted by glial cells which may have their potential role in synapse formation
What will be the fate of Synapse formation without glial cells ?

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This paper looks like a good review on the role of glial cells in synpase formation.

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Dear Pundir, Here this

Dear Pundir, Here this research paper useful for you.. visit the below links..
Glial cells are born with synapses....
 Cellular Conductors: Glial Cells as Guideposts during Neural Circuit Development
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