c-Fos DAB staining fades?

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c-Fos DAB staining fades?

I have run IHC on rat brain sections fixed in 4% PFA. After using an ABC detection kit followed by DAB staining (enhanced with NiCl) I've found that the staining in my sections has faded over the weekend. (They were a very dark color on Thursday). They were left out in the light, although I wouldn't think this type of staining is very susceptible to photobleaching. Any thoughts as to what caused the fading?
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Fraser Moss
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DAB is light sensitive, so if

DAB is light sensitive, so if your samples were left out and in particular, close to a fluorescent light source you may well indeed see significant fading.

Also DAB is sensitive to the pH of the mounting medium. Acidic or basic pH's can accelerate fading - check the neutrality of the mounting medium that you are using.