Nanotechnolgy meets law

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Nanotechnolgy meets law


This article discusses two major developments regarding nanotechnology.

1. "Johns Hopkins University recently announced that students will be able to minor in "nanotechnology risk assessment and public policy." Faculty from the engineering and public health programs received a grant to offer the curriculum."

2. "Three professors at the University of Arizona's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law received a $314,000 grant from the US Department of Energy to "develop models for the international regulation of nanotechnology." [see also previous post]

The grant will cover approximately 3 years worth of work, and will be used to:
- create and maintain a public online database of proposed and enacted regulatory requirements and programs specific to nanotechnology at the international, national and local levels.

- analyze proposed and enacted national and local regulations for nanotechnology, including the consistencies and inconsistencies of requirements in different jurisdictions.

- prepare case studies of nine transnational models for the oversight of various technologies, with analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.
propose and evaluate potential frameworks for the transnational regulation of nanotechnology and coordination of national regulatory strategies."