Aging can be controlled up to 150 years.

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Aging can be controlled up to 150 years.

Ageing can be controlled,
 After many successfully research of brain based studies Dr.m D Vaidya  proven his technology with many hundred testimonials ,an application of brain-land scaping technology is controlling the ageing process of a human body.It is through  atechnology that he innovated is called brain re-writing application application for developing  immunity of human body and it  can be increased in many level. This innovation proves life Span of human being with out disease will be 120-150 years normally.The  innovation  with changing brain chemistry using external minerals applied in his technology.It he used  for treating mental retardation  effectivily and still he is bussy with it. with in 14 days  amental retarded is become normal and many thousand MR was came out as noramal man.In his technology he used the brain to reverse to birth stage of a man  and making the cell chemistry is accurate as per the constitution structure of brain and it's algorithm.In his practise he used only natural minerals as external application, which is not risky at any level.