identifying unknown organisms

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identifying unknown organisms

I found a gastropod shell a few days ago Natica dydima and on the shell i found some frothy appearance in patches which looked like minute dried soap bubbles. After looking at it closely with a 10x lens, I saw this.

The size of the patch is a little over 4mm
i don't know if it is a coral formation or a colony of young Balanus. 
There is another patch on the same shell surface and the picture was taken today by my brother. To me it looks like Fungia (the mushroom coral)

Both are still in their first layer of formation and that's why it is difficult for me to know for sure if they are bleached corals or spat of fowling organisms... Can anyone please identify these for me?
Thank you.

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Nice pictures!

Nice pictures!
I found these sites that may be of use t you. You could also write to people working at Marine laboratories in India and/or abroad and ask them to help you identify.