Aging and model organism grant

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Aging and model organism grant

Aging Grant
About the Senior Scholar Award in Aging
The Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholar program in Aging is designed to support established investigators, working at institutions in the U.S., to conduct research in the basic biological sciences relevant to understanding lifespan development processes and age-related diseases and disabilities. The award is intended to provide significant support to established investigators in order to allow the development of new, creative research programs by investigators who may not currently be conducting aging research or who may wish to develop new research programs in aging. The Foundation particularly wishes to stimulate new research, which has rigorous scientific foundations, but which may not be currently funded adequately, because of its perceived novelty, its high risk, or because it is from an area where traditional research interests absorb most funding. Senior Scholar awards provide funding up to $150,000 per year for a four year period.
Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Structural biology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Studies with model systems ranging from lower eukaryotes to humans
  • Inquiries testing the relevance of simpler models to human aging
  • Genetic epidemiology of aging; candidate longevity genes
  • Aging in the immune system
  • Host defense molecules in aging systems
  • Mechanisms of free radical induced cell aging
  • Mechanisms of aging in various differentiated cell populations
  • Gene/environment and gene/gene interactions
  • Integrative physiology
  • New approaches to age-modulated disease mechanisms

For further information, contact:
Richard L. Sprott, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Ellison Medical Foundation
4710 Bethesda Avenue
Suite 204
Bethesda, MD 20814-5226
(301) 657-1830 (Phone)
(301) 657-1828 (Fax)
Contact Dr. Sprott

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This grant would be very

This grant would be very relevant for my lab.
Thanks for the post.