THP-1 Xenograft development in mice

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THP-1 Xenograft development in mice

I am seeking input on devloping a THP-1 ( acute monocytic leukemia) disseminated and/or solid tumor xenograft model in mice.
mouse strain choice is my question
My only reference found ( so far) shows the use of SCID + anti-asilo GR1 + irradiation.  My question is if a NOD/SCID could be an effective substitute? 
 SCIDhu is an option, though a less desireable one due to expense time and labor.  NOD/SCID gammaKO could be considered, but again a less desirable ( more expensive) choice.  I would choose NSG KO over SCIDhu if that were the choices
Thank you for any input or leads you can offer

marcus muench
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I've been comparing human

I've been comparing human hematopoietic engraftment in NSG over NOD-SCID as my lab move to this new model and I have to say I much prefer the NSG.  I have no experience with the leukemia your studying, but my guess is that NSG is your best mouse.  SCID-hu offers the humanized environment, which has its pluses, but maybe you don't need that.  
BTW, the NSG breed well in our hands- many litters over 10 pups, so you can cut down on costs by breeding your own.