The One Stop Mouse Shop

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Adam Cadwallader
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The One Stop Mouse Shop

I was reading Nature this past week and came across an interesting article:

There were two key points to the article.

1.) The article mainly discusses a "one-stop shop" in Germany for detecting the range of phenotypes in mouse mutants.  The clinic runs a battery of tests (320 individual tests in 14 clinical areas) in a varitey of areas.  In the case of this german clinic - the analysis is free and you are invited to discuss the results in a group meeting format at the clinic.  They can take the novel mutant you have created and dissect phenotypes in every system of the body.  They can even evaulate phenotypes based upon environment.

How do you think this will impact the future of mouse work? 
What will become of the post-doc or graduate student who would have previously dissected these results for their thesis?

2) The article also mentions humanization of mice - "knocking in" humanized versions of proteins to equate function in another organism.  In this case, foxp2, which has been implicated in human speech and language?

Do you think this type of analyes will yeild anwsers?

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The article is really

The article is really informative. I heard for the first time that such kind of animal research clinic has came into the picture. This is really something very good indeed in the field of research. I personally welcome this kind of thing that helps research to go with better speed.