Mouse/Rat Information - Where do you find it?

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Adam Cadwallader
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Mouse/Rat Information - Where do you find it?

Mouse and rat scientists...

What information portals, other than, do you use to get information?  I am trying to create a list for users to browse.

A great example is found here:

What sites do you use?

marcus muench
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 I use the vendor sites

 I use the vendor sites primarily JAX.  See also Taconic and Charles River.

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To tell you frankly the best

To tell you frankly the best search engines are Google and Pubmed. One can even go for Cochrane. These sites will automatically refer to other sites according to the question we are asking. But when some specific question is asked then the main problem arises and in that case we need to do some research on that.
You can try with these:

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The histochemical profiles of

The histochemical profiles of fast fiber types IIB, IID, and IIA in skeletal muscles of mouse, rat, and rabbit

This study characterized histochemically three fast fiber types (IIB, IID, IIA) in skeletal muscles of mouse, rat, and rabbit, with special reference to fiber types IIB and IID. The results are complemented by biochemical analyses of myosin heavy chain composition in these muscles. Fiber type delineation is based on various methods for mATPase staining with pre-incubations and assays under different conditions. In rat and mouse, IIB and IID fibers can be best distinguished according to their different mATPase stabilities towards formaldehyde and alkaline pH. In rabbit, the method of Matoba and Gollnick using acid pre-incubation provided best and most reproducible results. In addition to their different mATPase stabilities, the three fast fiber types differ with regard to their oxidative capacities and cross-sectional fiber areas in the three species. In general, Type IIB fibers are the largest and least oxidative, Type IIA fibers the smallest and most oxidative, and Type IID fibers intermediate. In rabbit, Type IID fibers are the predominant fast fiber population in extensor digitorum longus, psoas, and tibialis anterior muscles. As judged from histochemistry, these muscles of rabbit do not contain pure Type IIB fibers. This is in accordance with biochemical results that show the HCIId to form the majority of the myosin heavy chain complement expressed in these muscles. On the other hand, IIB fibers are numerous in rabbit adductor mag, gastrocnemius, and vastus lateralis muscles. Similarly, appreciable amounts of myosin heavy chain HCIIb are found in the three latter muscles of rabbit[b]