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Mini Project

Hi ...

i am in my final year of MSc BioMedical per our curriculum we need to do a mini project (2 months) and a  major project (6 months)... i ve plannned to check the anti diabetic effect of aloe vera on rat models.. but i need streptozotocin to induce diabetes.. i need 30 mg..but its please can any of you kindly provide me some  STZ...i ll be really grateful if you did..thank you...

Chin Fen Teo
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 Hi minu, is your research

 Hi minu, is your research only designed for type 1 diabetes? Or the hypothesis can be tested in type 2 diabetic model?
High fat/sugar diet can induce type 2 diabetes in animals, which is less costly than using streptozotocin treatment. If you can't get any STZ from other groups, may be you can consider an alternative method by feeding the animals with high fat/sugar food?
Good luck.

g a
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Hi Minu

Hi Minu
Where are you working in India? Let me know the details In case you are in Delhi/NCR I can recommend you a few vendors who will happily provide you with samples of the STZ.
Gaganjot Singh