Shell-less CAM assay

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Shell-less CAM assay


I am currently trying to get a CAM assay up and running in our lab. I am planning to compare the traditional "in-shell" assay to the newer "shell-less" assay in 100mm dishes. Yesterday was day 3 so I tried to open 12 eggs into the dishes with an approximately 50% success rate. My best method was to use a scalpel over the air sac, cut a hole, flake away enough shell for the contents to be able to pass, and then to gently pour the contents into the dish. Sometimes this still resulted in "leaking" of the yolk from it's membrane.

I will be making my "windows" for the traditional method on Monday.

If anyone has a protocol or even tips to increase my success rate, that would be greatly appreciated. Literature reviews have not been helpful, they just mention that the assay was carried out in this method, not how they got to that point.

Thanks everyone!