functional MRI and PET of Rat skeleton

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Guy Sovak
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functional MRI and PET of Rat skeleton

Hi all,
here is a great link to two video clips. One of a functional MRI of a rat brain after an admition of a drug. Another of a PET scan of a rat skeleton after admition of fluoride.

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 Hello everyone! 

 Hello everyone! 
I'm a neuroscience student and I'm analyzing a paper on motivation in decision making and I have some fMRI images that I can't quite understand. Actually I don't understand why do we get a signal after stimuli in only one hemisphere of the brain? I thought it was because of the technique but since we are studding bilateral regions I thought both sides should be activated. Is it because of the type of machine used?
I put here the link to the paper:
I've spend an entire day looking for the answer and it must be something really simple, please can anyone illuminate me :) ? 
Thank you very very much in advance!