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We are seeking a Cell Biologist/Microscopist with strong molecular biology skills to develop fluorescence, luminescence, and other assays for functional screens for new and old targets in Genentech Biochemical Pathways. Projects will include constructing cell lines with stable expression of tagged proteins using fluorescent protein fusions. These reporters will include a series of general reporters of cell physiology and specific functional reporters. The team will include research support and will work closely with target validation and biochemistry teams in the design and implementation of assays. This group will also work closely with high-throughput screening to implement assays for small molecule drug discovery.

A PhD and 2-5 years postdoctoral or industrial experience with an excellent record of publications and a proven ability to engage in collaborative research in a multidisciplinary environment is required. Ideally, he/she should have a background in quantitative time-lapse microscopy and molecular biology. Knowledge of the mammalian cell cycle, cancer, or cell signaling would also be ideal, but candidates with other backgrounds will be considered. Familiarilty with major microscopy platforms, software packages and quantitive methods would be helpful.

DIVISION: Research