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Respected Scientists,

I wish to do somework in FRET using Confocal Microscope. I understand that I can also use dye solutions like organic laser donor-acceptor dyes to study FRET in confocal microscope. It is not neccessary that we should use FRET only for biological samples, right?

Can anyone suggest to me about what are the different ways in which I can approach this topic to find out the best donor-acceptor pair which gives max. FRET efficiency (from the pairs I may choose)? For e.g., for a common acceptor, I can use different donors to find out which donor when used with that acceptor will give good FRET efficiency. Then this choice of the best donor may depend on what factors? is it structure of the donor, or maybe quantum yield of the donor (as one scientist as explained in the previous posts), or etc.? can anyone suggest to me about these different parameters that may influence the fret effeciency.