Double Immunofluorescence

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Double Immunofluorescence

Hi everyone,
1. Mouse monoclonal antibody raised against the antigen of rabbit origin............Sec Antibody :- Goat anti-mouse IgG FITC
2. Goat  polyclonal antibody raised against a ntigen of mouse origin.............Sec antibody :- Rabbit anti-goat IgG Cy3
My query is that can I use these antibody combinations for doing double antibody staining in Immunofluorescence without the antibodies cross reacting with each other.

Guy Sovak
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Do you know if the primary 

Do you know if the primary  have cross reactivity, they should not but you need to check it.
It seems that you should not have any problems.

marcus muench
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 The second-step antibodies

 The second-step antibodies should be no probolem.  My main concern is that the polyclonal may have some cross-reactivity with the other-sepcies antigen if they are similar enough.