The Second International Conference on TB Vaccines for the World

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The Second International Conference on TB Vaccines for the World

The Second International Conference on TB Vaccines for the World
19-21 April 2006, The Austrian Industrial Association, Vienna, Austria

One in every three people on earth is believed to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, leading to seven to eight million cases of active tuberculosis (TB) per year and approximately three million deaths annually. This epidemic, like those of most infectious diseases, creates scientific challenges and opportunities as it raises the demand for public health solutions. The currently available weapons for fighting TB are inadequate. The ultimate goal of biomedical TB research is to lessen the public health burden of this disease by developing improved diagnostic, therapeutic, and intervention strategies. Achieving this goal requires a base of knowledge about the biology of M. tuberculosis and related mycobacteria, their interactions with human and animal hosts, and the nature of an effective hostprotective immune response. TB researchers are applying this accumulating base of knowledge to developing rapid, easy-to-use diagnostic assays appropriate for low-as well as high-income countries, improving the current complicated therapeutic regimen, identifying potential new drugs to combat multidrug-resistant TB, and creating more effective vaccines.

TBV 2006, the follow-up to the successful TBV 2003 held in Montreal, will focus attention on Vaccine Issues in relation to TB worldwide. TB vaccines is a developing area of activity and TBV 2006 will allow researchers to come together to discuss the latest findings and trends associated with the research and development of TB vaccines science, policy, strategy, delivery, economics. The TBV 2006 Scientific Advisory Panel invite the submission of late abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the TBV 2006 poster program.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Christine Sizemore (NIAID/NIH, Bethesda, USA)
Michael J Brennan (FDA, Rockville, USA)
Steve Reed (IDRI, Seattle, USA)
Peter Andersen (Statens Seruminstitut, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Doug Lowrie (NIMR, MRC, London, UK)
SHE Kaufmann (Max-Planck-Institut, Berlin, Germany)
Tom Ottenhoff (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Alexander von Gabain (INTERCELL, Vienna, Austria)
Ian Orme (Colorado State University, USA)
Uli Früth (WHO, Geneva, Switzerland)
Michael Iademarco (CDC, USA)
Yasir Skeiky (Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, USA)
Joe Cohen (GSK Biologicals, Rixensart, Belgium)
Leander Grode (VPM GmbH, Hannover, Germany)