The Plasmodium berghei research model of malaria

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The Plasmodium berghei research model of malaria

Plasmodium berghei FAQ site. All you ever wanted to know about mouse malaria

P. berghei site

Plasmodium berghei is one of the many species of malaria parasites that infect mammals other than humans. P.berghei is one of the four species that have been described in murine rodents of West Africa. The rodent parasites are not of direct practical concern to man or his domestic animals. The interest of rodent malaria parasites is that they are practical models for the experimental study of mammalian malaria. These parasites have proved to be analogous to the malarias of man and other primates in most essential aspects of structure, physiology and life cycle (Carter and Diggs 1977. In: 'Parasitic Protozoa', vol.3 pp.359-465. Academic Press, New York).