Morpholino electroporation into a protist

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Jon Moulton
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Morpholino electroporation into a protist

Morpholino oligos electroporated into trypanosomes knocked down expression of an argonaute family gene, TbAGO1, as shown in a new paper by Shi, Tschudi and Ullu from Yale University Medical School. To overcome the delivery barrier of these protists, concentrated oligo solutions were used: Morpholinos were electroporated from solution at 500 microMolar concentration instead of the more usual 10 microMolar concentration used for cell cultures. Inhibition of >80% of the incorporation of 35S into new TbAGO1 protein was measured in antisense-treated protists compared with protists treated with negative control oligos.

Shi H, Tschudi C, Ullu E. Depletion of newly synthesized Argonaute1 impairs the RNAi response in Trypanosoma brucei. RNA. 2007 May 25; [Epub ahead of print]