2006 ICEID

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2006 ICEID

The International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases was first convened in 1998; ICEID 2006 marks its fifth occurence. The conference brings together public health professional to encourage the exchange of scientific and public health information on global emerging infectious disease issues. The program will include plenary and panel sessions with invited speakers as well as oral and poster presentations on emerging infections. Major topics include current work on surveillance, epidemiology, research, communication and training, bioterrorism, and preventions and control of emerging infectious diseases, both in the United States and abroad.

Major subjects covered will include:
Antimicrobial Resistance
Bioterrorism and Preparedness

Foodborne and Waterborne Illnesses

Global Health

Molecular Diagnostics and Epidemiology

Nosocomial Infections

Socio-economic and Political Factors

Vectorborne Diseases

Zoonotic Diseases

The conference will be immediate preceded by the International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases (March 16-18) and followed by the International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses (March 22-24).

Media facilities will be available. Media activities will include daily briefings with key CDC researchers on specific subjects, tipsheets and press releases. An online press kit will be available in advance of the meeting to all pre-registered press and any other qualified media requesting access.

Registration for qualifying media is complimentary. To register as media for the meeting, please download the press registration form using the link in the left-hand column of this page, fill it out and return.