multiplicity of infection

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multiplicity of infection


a suspension of temperate phage contains 10^7 particles/ml, only  10 % are capable of infecting.If 100 microliters of this  phage suspension is mixed with 1000 bacterial cells. what will be the multiplicity of infection?

how to calculate moi..any formula is there..?

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MOI — The MOI is the number

MOI — The MOI is the number of viral particles per cell that is desired during the infection reaction. The optimal MOI may have been determined for a particular cell line already and if so just utilize that number for all AdenoSilence viruses. If not, then a range of MOIs (e.g. 50, 250, 500, 1000, and 2500) will need to be assayed in an attempt to identify the optimal infection amount. The optimal MOI should display a high transduction efficiency with low cellular toxicity. Most MOIs will fall in the range of 100–2500 but they can be higher or lower.

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