pBBR1MCS-2 vector

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pBBR1MCS-2 vector

Please help me any one........................!

currently i am working with molecular clonning of Biosufactant producing gene. In this experiment i am using
pBBR1MCS-2 vector. 

I need a linear map of  pBBR1MCS-2 vector. please help me any one 

with kind regards
K.Kalimuthu, India

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I have asked pBBRIMCS-2

I have asked pBBRIMCS-2 vector map from our scientist community but no one can replied. recently i have find vector map of the above plasmid. if any one need related to this information i will help.

with regards

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i am currently working on my

i am currently working on my project for which i require pbbr1mcs2. can u by any chance provide me with the same or could you let me know an appropriate source?