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  hi, i am new here and i dont know well how this work,

i am a new scientist and i have some samples from marine water from which i want to isolate and identify (molecular) some microalgae species and some cyanobacteria in general.
i use the walnes medium, and now i want to extract dna but i am confused from all these protocols. i read that CTAB is not good for algae. could you please advise me?which method i have to follow and what kit to buy?
i know that for cyanobacteria i have to follow different procedure. please help me!!!thank you all

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 Hi Biomar,

 Hi Biomar,
You can have a look at the following paper which is related to the comparison of different methods in DNA extraction from microalgae:
Evaluation of DNA extraction and handling procedures for PCR-based copepod feeding studies

Pls provide us about your results too.

good luck