Metagenomics and Ecosystems Biology

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Metagenomics and Ecosystems Biology

Metagenomic analyses of natural biological communities are revolutionizing our understanding of the diversity, function, and inter-relationships among organisms in diverse ecological niches. The rapid advancements in metagenomics are largely due to the technical and analytical methods developed from high throughput platforms for cloning, DNA sequencing, robotics, high-density microarrays, 2D-gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry as well as associated bioinformatics softwares. 
Molecular tools are used for identifying diversity, searching for novel genes and gene products, and investigating relationships among genes, mRNAs, and proteins in microbial communities. Of special importance are the recent developments in single cell isolation, whole-genome amplification, pyrosequencing, and database warehousing and the potential impact of these developments on our future understandings of microbial communities in nature. These exciting developments are bringing the dawn of a new era in biology, that of ecosystems biology.

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