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      I am Mayur Joshi..I am working with exopolysaccharide production from Bacteria as well as from White rot fungi. I want some information regarding viscosity improvement under submerged condition.Extractin, Estimation of exopolysacchaide.So, please help me out by poviding the information as above mentioned problems.

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We did a pprecipitation

We did a pprecipitation/purification of extracellular polysavccharides using cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide.  Cells were washed and centrifuged several times.  The supernate was filetered prior to the precipitation step.  If I recall, the precipitate was then dialyzed against a solution of sodium chloride to remove the CTAB.  Here is a link to one paper that might be helpful-

We were able to quantify to some extent using the Anthrone assay.  One group broke the chains into their constituent sugars and derivatized (silanization?)for analysis by GCMS