Anaerobic bacterial genomics

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Anaerobic bacterial genomics

How to manipulate the DNA/GENES of Anaerobic bacteria (Clostriidum thermocellum) - at invivo conditions. (native stage)

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I'm not sure I understand the

I'm not sure I understand the question? You mean, how can I do an experiment in anaerobic conditions? If yes, you need an anaerobic hood and incubator/shaker. But that's not cheap and it takes a lot of space. Is it for ethanol production? In this case a bioreactor would probably be required...

If by that question you meant; extract DNA and study that, well after the lysis anaeroby is no longer requiered of course. If you meant; how to dial up or down the activity of the bacterium genes while it grows in medium, well if you want to trigger a specific response you will need to be more specific in your question. If you want to try to, for example, find a way to induce an overexpression of the genes required for the cellulose conversion into ethanol, my first attempt would be to try exposing the bacteria to various stresses and monitor the production (low concentrations of H2O2, high concentrations of salt, heat shocks...). You can also modulate the production by modifying the nutriments in the media and forcing the bacteria into certain metabolic pathways.
Hope it helps!