amplification of CMV gag/pol plasmid in E.coli

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amplification of CMV gag/pol plasmid in E.coli


I am currently trying to amplify a Cytomegalovirus gag/pol plasmid (see attached file) by transforming E.coli and extracting DNA by a maxiprep kit. However, I get low DNA yields and I am then wondering if this plasmid is a low-copy one or if I should choose other bacterials. Does anyone have some information about this?

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Mr. Galtang,

Dear Mr. Galtang,

I'm Jaya working as Scientist and we are working on the retroviral vector construction.We are looking for the CMV gag pol vector which was used to construct 293-GP cell line. If you dont have any issues, can you please share the details of the vector you used and the source of the vector?

Warm reagdrs,