Postdoctoral position: Slice electrophysiology at Austria

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Postdoctoral position: Slice electrophysiology at Austria

Postdoctoral position: Slice electrophysiology.
Effects of calcium channel mutations on synaptic and network functions of CNS neurons.

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position (3 years) in a collaborative research project supported by the FWF-SFB-F44 (Cell signaling in chronic CNS disorders) and the Innsbruck Medical University. The project focus is on the contribution of ion channels and neuronal excitability to CNS disorders, such as Parkinson’ s disease, multiple system atrophy, ataxia and anxiety disorders. Slice electrophysiological recordings will be performed in various mouse models to determine the contribution of different ion channels to neurodegeneration and their potential role as targets for neuroprotection.

The project will be a collaboration between research groups of the Innsbruck Medical University and the University of Innsbruck within the SFB-F44 ( and international collaborators.
Applicants should hold a doctorate in natural sciences, medicine or (bio)physics. From the successful candidate experience in slice electrophysiology is expected. Practical experience in molecular biology and microscopic imaging techniques is of advantage. Please send your CV and the contact information of three references by e-mail to Prof. J. Striessnig (, RE: postdoctoral position)
Deadline: 2012-05-15

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