Postdoctoral Position In Skeletal Stem Cell Biology

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Postdoctoral Position In Skeletal Stem Cell Biology

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Stem Cell Specification and Differentiation in the Skeletal System - Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
A postdoctoral research position is available immediately at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Cleveland, OH.

Candidates with a Ph.D. degree or matching research experience in molecular genetics, developmental biology, stem cell biology, tissue engineering or related disciplines are invited to apply. The successful applicant will participate in projects designed to boost understanding of pivotal genetic mechanisms involved in specifying the identity and maintenance of skeletal and articular stem cells and in driving cell differentiation towards skeletal lineages, including chondrocytes and osteoblasts. The main objectives of these projects are to develop new, rationale approaches for tissue repair and regeneration in skeletal diseases, such as osteochondrodysplasias, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Approaches will include state-of-the-art methods in genomics and proteomics, stem cell biology, and mouse models of human diseases. We are seeking a motivated individual with well-developed scientific and technical skills and a desire to tackle outstanding, fundamental and translational scientific questions.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and CV by email to Dr. Veronique Lefebvre: Three references should be available upon request.