Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher Positions, Italy

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Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher Positions, Italy

Study Subject: Any Subject

Employer: The Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Level: PhD,Postdoctoral, Senior Researcher

Scholarship Description: In line with the JRC mission, the aim of IES is to provide scientific and technical support to the European Union strategies for the protection of the environment contributing to a sustainable development. The IES works in close collaboration with official laboratories, research centres and industries of the EU’s Member States, creating a bridge between the EU’s policies and the European citizen.
The combination of complementary expertise in the fields of experimental sciences, modelling and remote sensing puts the IES in a strong position to contribute to the implementation of the European Research Area and to the achievement of a sustainable development.
Structured in six scientific Units (plus a new unit currently under construction), the Institute at present is engaged within seven main fields of activity:
- Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: Water, Soils, Forests
- Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
- Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
- Environmental Risks and Natural Hazards
- Sustainable transport and Air Quality
- Environmental Dimension of Development Co-operation
- Environmental Monitoring and Information Systems: GMES and INSPIRE
In order to increase and reinforce its capacity, and in order to encourage researchers to enhance their experience in an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, the Institute for Environment and Sustainability is launching a call for interest for Grantholders for Doctoral, Post-doctoral and Senior Research Positions.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 11 January 2011

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