Postdoc position in mitochondrial biology at germany

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Postdoc position in mitochondrial biology at germany

One post-doc position is available for a collaborative project between the groups of Elena Rugarli and Thomas Langer at the Biocenter of the University of Cologne. Our two groups study the mechanisms by which mutations in evolutionary conserved mitochondrial proteases lead to human neurodegenerative diseases, using mouse genetics and biochemical as well as cell biological approaches.
The specific project aims to understand the link between mitochondrial dysfunction and accumulation of hyperphosphorylated tau, a condition common to several age-associated pathologies leading to cognitive impairment, using the mouse as a model system. The research environment in the Cologne campus offers many interactions with other groups interested in mitochondrial medicine, the Max-Planck-Institute for the Biology of Aging, and integration in the Cluster of Excellence in Aging Associated Diseases (CECAD).

We seek highly motivated individuals interested in the research on mitochondria and neurodegeneration. A Ph.D. degree or equivalent is required. Candidates should have an in depth knowledge of neurobiology and mouse genetics. Candidates with profound skills in neuronal cell culture, handling of mouse transgenic colonies, pathological analysis of the mouse brain, and mitochondrial biology will be preferred.

How to apply:
Candidates should send:

1) Curriculum vitae with lists of publications, awards, oral presentations at international conferences.
2) Written summary of research achievements and future research plans (max two pages).
3) A reprint of significant publications.
4) The contact details of two referees.
Applications should be sent by email as ONE Pdf document to Elena Rugarli ( or Thomas Langer (