Postdoc in Neurotechnology at Genova, Italy

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Amar Annamalai
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Postdoc in Neurotechnology at Genova, Italy

Development and experimental validation of a multimodal imaging platform of neuronal populations in the mice retina.

This position is part of the EU project RENVISION awarded within the initiative of Future Emerging Technologies: Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems (NBIS).
The overall aim of RENVISION is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how the retina encodes complex visual scenes, and to use such insights to develop new computational models of retina and to apply them to high-level computer vision tasks, such as scene categorization and action recognition. To this aim, the integration of recent advances in high-resolution 3D light microscopy and high-density multi-electrode array (MEA) technologies will put the project in an unprecedented position to investigate pan-retinal signal processing at high spatio-temporal resolution.
The candidate will be working on the development and experimental validation of a high-density multielectrode array platform based on CMOS chips (HD-MEAs) integrated with a photostimulation system that will be used to perform pan-retina recordings of responses to visual stimuli ranging from simple to complex light patterns. The candidate will also be involved in the integration of the HD-MEA platform with light-sheet microscopy and two-photon imaging to acquire structural and functional imaging data of inner retinal populations and he/she will contribute in both the experimental and computational studies.
We are seeking a self-motivated individual with the ability to take day-to-day responsibility for the progress of the proposed work. The ideal candidate has a PhD in (bio-) engineering or physics and has experience in the multielectrode array technology and in optical systems. A background in neuroscience, in microelectronics or in computational development is a plus while not being a discriminating factor. He/she is also expected to be willing to interact with people across disciplines and should have good english communication skills.

Deadline: February 01, 2013

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