Post-Doctoral Research Scientist - Moredun Research Institute

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Post-Doctoral Research Scientist - Moredun Research Institute

 A post-doctoral research position now exists at the Moredun Research Institute.  This vacancy, funded by Scottish Enterprise, and interacting with Moredun’s vaccine company, Inocul8, will focus upon the continued commercial development of a vaccine against the animal pathogen,Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. The successful applicant will be required to undertake the experimental work for the assessment and optimisation of the vaccine, in addition to other associated experiments.This is a fixed-term post, funded up to 30th June 2012, dependent on milestones being met.
Applications in the form of CV and covering letter are now requested from individuals holding a PhD in a relevant subject. Applications from individuals with a desire to be involved in the process of development of a novel veterinary vaccine from its preliminary laboratory-phase through to market are particularly welcome. The closing date for applications is 18th February 2011.
The successful candidate should have a PhD in an appropriate biological degree (e.g. microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry). You must have knowledge of bacterial cell culture, protein preparation and molecular bacteriological techniques, in particular site-directed mutagenesis. Experience in immunological assays (humoral and cell-mediated immunology) is essential.
If you have any queries about your application, or the recruitment process in general, please contact the HR department on 0131 445 5111 or

£26,610 - £29,566

Friday 18 February

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