Post-doctoral Research Position – Analytical methods for the determination

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Post-doctoral Research Position – Analytical methods for the determination

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Geel, Belgium, is offering a position for a postdoctoral
scientist in the area of analytical methods for the determination of feed
additives. The position is in the JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and
Measurements (IRMM).

Feed additives are substances, preparations or microorganisms that are intentionally
added to feed and cover a wide range such as vitamins, trace elements, enzymes,
probiotica and coccidiostats. The project is linked the European Union Reference
Laboratory for Feed Additives, and will deal with the re-evaluation of feed additives
currently in use against new criteria as specified by Regulation EC (No) 1831/2003.
One of the new criteria is the suitability of analytical methods as submitted by
applicants for official control purposes.

The successful applicant will evaluate dossiers from the feed additives industry,
focusing on analytical methods along with corresponding validation data and writing
reports on the results of this evaluation. This work includes drafting requests to
industry when key aspects are missing in the dossier.

Applicants will have a strong background in feed analysis, method development and
validation. Experience in European legislation regarding analytical method used for
official control purposes and the authorisation of feed additives would be an asset.
Interested candidates with a PhD in analytical chemistry, food chemistry or related
disciplines and a good knowledge of the English language (the working language) are
invited to submit their application.

Duration: 36 months

Deadline:Feb 15,2012

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