Opening For Postdoctoral position - Göteborg, Sweden

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Opening For Postdoctoral position - Göteborg, Sweden

 Information about the research/the project/the division
The postdoc will be part of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics at the Department of Applied Physics of Chalmers. Our research, at the interface between physics and materials science, focuses on structure-dynamics relationships in energy relevant oxides, with the aim to develop an understanding of the coupling between the materials' functional properties to their atomic-scale structure and dynamics. The primary tools to this end involve the use of optical spectroscopy and neutron scattering techniques, available in-house and/or at large-scale international research facilities.
Major responsibilities
Your major responsibility as postdoc is to perform your own research in a research group. The position also includes teaching on undergraduate and master's levels as well as supervising master's and/or PhD students to a certain extent. Another important aspect involves collaboration within academia and with society at large. The position is meritorious for future research duties within academia as well as industry/the public sector.
Position summary
For the present position, we are seeking a person to a new project focused on the investigation of structure-property relations in phosphorescent oxides for possible application in white light emitting diode (LED) technology. The overall aim is to develop an atomic-scale understanding of the materials' key fundamental properties, specifically the local structure around activator ions and dynamical nature of the phosphor and to correlate these features to phosphor performance, such as quantum efficiency, thermal quenching, and color rendering index, for example. The aquired new information will be used as feedback into materials synthesis programs in order to optimize the requirements stated above. Ultimately, these so optimized phosphors will be tested in LED prototypes emitting in the ultraviolt or blue region. The work will be conducted in collaboration with research groups, both at Chalmers and in other countries. For the present project, we have an especially strong collaboration with the University of Verona (via Prof. Marco Bettinelli) and with the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers (via Assoc. Prof. Tommy Ive). The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas, as well as by Chalmers Materials Science Area of Advance. Full-time temporary employment. The position is for a maximum of 2 years.
The successful candidate must have a PhD in Physics or a related discipline and a proven publication record with publications in major international journals. The candidate must also have a strong background in research (i) optical materials and/or (ii) optical spectroscopy tehniques. Expertise in pump-probe optical spectroscopy is considered to be a strong merit. Expertise in inelastic neutron scattering and phonon-spectra calculations is meriteous. The candidate should also have strong collaboration and communication (oral and written) skills, as well as be able to drive projects independently.
To qualify for the position of postdoc, you must have a doctoral degree in a relevant field; the degree should generally not be older than three years. You are expected to be somewhat accustomed to teaching, and to demonstrate good potential within research and education.
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