Immunology / Molecular Biology post doc

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Immunology / Molecular Biology post doc

Job Description
Post doctoral positions available in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology to study novel approaches for delivery of RNAi, mechanism of RNAi function in vivo and RNAi biology in immune cells.

Applicant must have a strong background in molecular biology, immunology and immunological mouse models.

Highly qualified applicants, who hold an MD, PhD or MD / PhD should send a CV and short statement outlining their suitability for this position to eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%64%70%61%6c%6c%69%73%65%40%61%65%63%6f%6d%2e%79%75%2e%65%64%75%22%3e%64%70%61%6c%6c%69%73%65%40%61%65%63%6f%6d%2e%79%75%2e%65%64%75%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')).
Contact:      Deborah Palliser
Microbiology and Immunology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Ave
Bronx, New York City, NY 10461
United States

Deadline: Contact employer

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