Group Leaders and Post-doctoral Fellows : Groningen, The Netherlands

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Group Leaders and Post-doctoral Fellows : Groningen, The Netherlands

Unique and exciting research opportunities in Groningen, The Netherlands

The newly established European Research Institute on the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) is looking for 5+ Group Leaders and 10+ Post-doctoral Fellows, whose positions are available starting at the end of 2011. ERIBA is a joint effort between the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen (RUG) in The Netherlands.
With over 25,000 students, Groningen offers a vibrant academic community in a classic small town setting of 200,000 inhabitants.
Studies in ERIBA will be focused on mechanisms of ageing using state-of-the-art-equipment and infrastructure including flow cytometry, live cell imaging, DNA sequencing, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. The goal of studies within ERIBA is the discovery of novel mechanisms explaining the loss of cells and the functional decline in cells and tissues with age and the integration of various mechanisms of ageing that have been proposed. The latter include (but are not limited to): changes in mitochondrial function and metabolism; deregulation of cell cycle checkpoints and defective DNA repair; telomere attrition and loss of genome integrity; aberrant gene expression; loss of organelle function and defects in protein production or function.
We are specifically looking for researchers at all levels with:
1) a track-record of creative, innovative research; 2) an interest in multidisciplinary, collaborative research and 3) unique approaches to studies in relevant areas.
Ideal candidates are committed to cutting edge science, have a broad research interest and strong ideas about what they would like to study. Given the multidisciplinary nature of future studies in ERIBA we are specifically interested if you have developed or implemented novel techniques that allowed you to address relevant research questions. We offer unique opportunities to pursue ageing-related research questions in a newly built, state of the art, multidisciplinary and well funded institute. Academic appointments will be within the most appropriate Department of the UMC Groningen and/or the University of Groningen. Start-up packages, salaries and benefits are competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
The conditions of employment comply with the Collective Labour Agreement of Medical Centres (CAO-UMC) or of the Dutch Universities, depending on where the candidate will be appointed.
More information
For more information about these vacancies you may contact:
Prof. Peter Lansdorp, Scientific Director, ERIBA;
or Prof. Gerald de Haan, Scientific co-Director, ERIBA;
Information about ERIBA:
Information about Groningen:
How to apply
Full applications including a resume, statements of research and teaching interest, 2-3 selected publications (together with short paragraphs highlighting your specific contribution in those papers) and the names of three references will receive full consideration if received before June 1, 2011.
To apply please visit our website:→medical/scientific staff