Gene Therapy in Brain Tumors at University of Chicago

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Gene Therapy in Brain Tumors at University of Chicago

Job Description

The Brain Tumor Center at the University of Chicago is seeking candidates with experience in adenoviral gene therapy and oncolytic virotherapy for one of the following jobs depending on your experience and qualifications (post-doctoral or senior research professional). The applicant should have a PhD in virology/gene therapy/molecular biology and some degree of prior experience in in vivo applications. You must be well versed in virology, gene therapy, molecular biology, biochemistry, stem cell biology as this job involves significant work in understanding mechanistic studies as they pertain to each of these fields. Prior experience of work in each of these areas as well as experience with live animals and knowledge of imaging techniques is a plus. The applicant must be able to design and conduct experiments, prepare and present their work at meetings, write scientific manuscripts, and speak fluently in English. You must be already residing in the USA. Please do not apply if you are currently abroad in a foreign country as we will not consider your application at this time. Please submit a letter of interest, along with your resume, copies of any relevant publications, and names/addresses of three possible references.

Contact:      Maciej S. Lesniak, M.D.
The University of Chicago
5841 S. Maryland Ave
MC 3026
Chicago, IL 60637
United States
Phone:  773-834-4757
Fax: 773-834-2608

Deadline: Contact employer

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