National Sales Trainer job in Commack, NY

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National Sales Trainer job in Commack, NY

POSITION SUMMARY:The position of National Sales Trainer (NST) provides one with a high degree of responsibility to implement and facilitate training programs according to corporate standards. NSTs will coach and assess representatives' ability to sell all promoted products following brand strategy and compliance guidelines. NSTs must possess excellent judgment and decision making skills in order to address behavioral or other human resources issues that may arise with program participants. The NST's primary job responsibility is Representative development. This is accomplished through facilitation and coaching while representatives are in training. In addition, the NST may be asked to provide training solutions to meet the product/disease state knowledge needs of the field. Given these responsibilities, the NST may have a high level of exposure to the Regional Director, Area Manager of Training, and Divisional Managers. This position will report to the Sales Training Manager and provides opportunity to interact with both field and corporate leadership. 
1. Understands the Business, Customers, and Delivers on Commitments Facilitates newly hired and tenured representative training programs for all promoted products. 
Actively manages program logistics on a daily basis to ensure appropriate and timely dissemination of materials and assignments; adjusts facilitation and program delivery, when appropriate, to accommodate guest speakers or other unforeseen interruptions. 
2. Establishes Goals, Priorities, and Action Plans Evaluates programs on an on-going basis and recommends updates to enhance delivery of information. 
3. Demonstrates and Applies Technical Knowledge Demonstrates and applies above average technical knowledge for all promoted products and disease states. 
Ensures all compliance and promotional guidelines are followed throughout workshops, role-plays and assignments. Provides corrective action, documentation and follow up when necessary. 
Manages training agencies to develop content for programs such as selling skills, territory management, product/disease state knowledge, managed care, etc. 
4. Fosters Collaboration and Teamwork Fosters Collaboration and Teamwork with other NSTs, sales personnel and brand team counterparts. 
5. Identifies and Pursues New Ideas and Embraces Change Modifies workshops affected by POA information to ensure all material is up to date and approved through red folder process. 
6. Acts with Integrity, Initiative, and Sound Judgment Acts with integrity, initiative and sound judgment to mentor representatives throughout their training experience and provides guidance on overall career success and opportunities, acclimating to Forest culture, successfully managing their territory and professionalism. 
7. Communicates Effectively Appropriately uses communication channels to remain informed and openly share business information with colleagues. 
8. Inspires and Empowers Others to Achieve Goals Demonstrates energy and commitment toward achieving goals. 
9. Attracts and Retains Best Talent and Team Partners and supports teammates' participation in developmental assignment and opportunities. 
10. Continuously Develops Self and Others Develops, assesses and coaches representatives on their ability to promote their respective products. 
Conducts field rides with representatives to stay abreast of industry and product trends and ensure training meets needs of field force. 
Solicits feedback from peers, management and customers and takes action to improve own performance. 
ADDITIONAL JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:Conducts additional field based training programs to meet the needs to various regions ...cont.
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