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Vice President

Hiring Vice President at
South University of Science and Technology (SUSTC)
Shenzhen, China

The South University of Science and Technology (SUSTC) invites applications and nominations for Vice President (Academic Affairs) and Vice President (Education). SUSTC is committed to excellence in teaching and research; therefore it offers internationally competitive salaries, fringe benefits, retirement and housing subsidy to the Vice Presidents. The modern campus also offers pleasant working conditions.
SUSTC is a public institution funded by the municipal of Shenzhen, a special economic zone city in southern China. The University  receives full financial support from the municipal. Set on five hundred acres of wooded landscape in the picturesque Nanshan (South Mountain) area, the campus offers an idyllic environment suitable for learning and scholarship. SUSTC engages in basic and problem-solving research of lasting impact to benefit society and mankind. Key research areas of the university include but not limited to: Neural and Cognitive Sciences, Biology and Gene Engineering, Modern Physics, Control and Modification of Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Molecular Chemistry and Catalysis, Large-Scale Computational Research, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems and Electronic Engineering, Modern Cities and future developments, Energy Sciences and technology, Environmental Sciences, Financial Mathematics and Engineering.

The Vice President (Academic Affairs, VPAA) and Vice President (Education, VPE) report directly to the president. The VPAA provides strategic leadership in the development and implementation of academic and research programs. The VPE provides strategic leadership in student education and whole person development. Successful candidates are expected to be internationally renowned scholars with adminstrative experience and good communication skills. Excellent leadership and organizational skills are also important.
The teaching language at SUSTC is English or Putonghua. As we expect an international faculty, the majority of teaching materials and reference books will be in English and many classes will be conducted in English. With a very high faculty-to-student ratio, SUSTC is committed to delivering a student-centered education and encourages students to develop their innovative spirits. Students at junior and senior years are expected to participate in research in the Research Centers.
Send nominations, inquiries and applications to: All applications should include a CV and a detailed list of publications. Additional information on SUSTC is available on the University homepage 

Deadline: Friday, July 26, 2013

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