Scientist, Protein and Polysaccharide Antigen Production : Vienna, Austria

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Scientist, Protein and Polysaccharide Antigen Production : Vienna, Austria

Job background:
Arsanis Biosciences develops therapeutic human antibodies against bacterial infections. Reporting directly to the head of mAb discovery, you will be responsible for production of bacterial protein and carbohydrate antigens, as well as being the daily reference for at least 2 technicians, and part of the mAb discovery core team. Your antigens will be used for human mAb discovery based on state-of-the-art technology. The position is ideally suited for a postdoctoral laboratory scientist wishing to gain broader experience, in an open start-up environment inviting, recognizing and rewarding initiative, innovation and solid expertise. Arsanis is situated in an attractive, international campus location near to the center of Vienna, capital city of Austria. The company language is English.
Job description:
• Expression and purification of recombinant bacterial proteins (E. coli)
• Purification of native (non-recombinant) bacterial proteins
• Purification of bacterial polysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides
• Labelling of protein and polysaccharide antigens
• Quality-control of bacterial protein and polysaccharide antigens
• Support and daily supervision for laboratory technicians
• Technology development, including writing of SOPs, patents and scientific publications
• Internal and external presentation of Arsanis’ antigen production strategies
• Communication and project management with CROs and academical and industry parters
Experience with any of the following is also a plus: Prokaryotic expression systems other than E. coli, eukaryotic expression systems, protein selection/engineering approaches, protein and polysaccharide structure analysis, bioinformatics, preclinical development of vaccines or human monoclonal antibodies, molecular microbiology.
The exact job content will be tailored to your qualifications, with continued education in relevant fields. Arsanis offers competitive remuneration packages, commensurate with experience. The job is expected to comprise more than 50% laboratory bench work.
• PhD in molecular biology, protein-/carbohydrate biochemistry, human or veterinary medicine, or related fields.
• At least one year postdoctoral experience with bacterial protein production, from the industry or academia.
• Track record in bacterial protein and carbohydrate purification and characterization.
• Interest and some experience in people management and communication.
• Good English language skills.
Applications to:
Please send application and CV (in one pdf) by email to
Please add “protein;polysaccharide;scentist” in the subject field.