Opening For Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) – Germany

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) – Germany

 Our seven Research Areas are:
1. Differential geometry, global analysis, and mathematical physics 
2. Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory 
3. Probability, statistics, and financial mathematics 
4. Discrete mathematics and combinatorial optimization 
5. Geometry, topology, and visualization
6. Numerical mathematics and scientific computing 
7. Applied analysis and differential equations
Admission to Phase I: possible with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Admission to Phase II: possible with a Master’s degree or equivalent
All you need to know about applying to the BMS is available online:
You can apply at:
Deadline for scholarships: 1 December 2014
Deadline for admission only: 1 May 2015
phone: +49 30 314-786 51