Molecular Biologist vacancy at Greenovation Biotech GmbH, Germany

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Molecular Biologist vacancy at Greenovation Biotech GmbH, Germany

Molecular Biologist vacancy at Greenovation Biotech GmbH, Germany
Greenovation is a service provider to the (bio-)pharmaceutical industry specialized in the development and performance of production processes for complex API proteins. greenovation’s production system is based on the moss Physcomitrella patens, which has been engineered to produce functional human proteins. In particular, greenovation is specialized in the generation of such proteins which – due to their molecular properties – either cannot be produced at all with conventional mammalian or microbial production systems, or which require uneconomic technical efforts.
Molecular Biologist
This position is responsible for managing and coordinating our activities in molecular biology. These include

  • continuous improvement of our expression vectors
  • identification of new, promising genetic elements
  • planning and execution of cloning strategies
  • development of genetically optimised, product specific production strains
  • development of glyco-engineered platform strains
  • Cloning and DNA-production for customer projects
  • Coordination and guidance of a small Molecular biology group with 1-2 technical assistants

The position is embedded in a team of 8 closely interacting scientists. All scientists report directly to the CEO.

  • PhD or Master in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or equivalent
  • minimum five years experience in eukaryotic genetics / molecular biology
  • Expert skills in bioinformatic tools
  • Experience in clone development for industrial processes is a strong plus
  • Experience with plant systems is helpful but not essential
  • Good interpersonal skills and desire to work in a team environment
  • Knowledge of German is helpful

The position is permanent and opens the opportunity to work on the development of a novel and unique expression system in a highly interactive and interdisciplinary team.
Please send your application to:
greenovation Biotech GmbH
Mrs. Manon Bartusel
Bötzinger Strasse 29a
79111 Freiburg