"Chang Jiang Scholars" and other faculty positions

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"Chang Jiang Scholars" and other faculty positions

"Chang Jiang Scholars" and other faculty positions
available in Nankai University

Nankai University locates in Tianjin City, the third largest city in China and 30 min away from Beijing by a high-speed train. Nankai University is one of the key national universities directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China, and also a "211 Project" and "985 Project" university in China. Nankai University is the center for both education and academic research, and has materialized a series excellent achievements, with the quality and the quantity of the research papers, projects, funds, and prizes are among the forefront of the national universities of China. Premier Enlai Zhou, the world-wide known mathematician Shiing-shen Chern, physicist Ta-you Wu and playwright Yu Cao are alumni of Nankai University. Nankai University is recruiting for outstanding investigators to occupy the following honorable positions. These positions will not be closed for next several years.
1. Permanent and visiting professors of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program": In addition to the requirements defined by the program (please see: http://www.changjiang.edu.cn/), the successful applicant with good healthy conditions should be an internationally known investigator with well-known achievement in the field, a strong leadership in guiding a first-class research team and a high capability in management and organization.
2. Professors and Associate Professors of "The National Thousand (Young) Talents Program", "The State (Young) Special Support Plan", and other high-level talent programs: In addition to the requirement defined by the program, such as "The National Thousand Talent Program" (http://www.1000plan.org/), the applicant with good healthy conditions should be a well-established and highly innovative scientist with strong academic records and leadership. The applicant for a young program should be able to demonstrate the potency to be an outstanding scientist in the future with the support from Nankai University.
Salary, start-up package and benefits: According to the policy recently issued by Nankai University, such as the "The Program Supporting Hundred High-level Talents", "The Plan Cultivating Hundred Young Academic Leaders", the recruited faculty at different academic levels will be supported with competitive salary, the start-up package (competitive start-up funds, newly renovated office/lab and experienced assistants), housing allowance, medical insurance and other possible benefits. All of the above offers are negotiable.
Contact us: The interesting candidates should send curriculum vitae in both of English and Chinese, the first page of 5 publications, statement of research interests/plans and at least three references to: Mr. Feng Li and/or Mr. Yuechao Wang, The Department of Human Resources, NanKai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, China, 300071; Tel:  0086-22-2350-8595 ; Fax: 0086-22-2350-1586; E-mail: nkuniversity@nankai.edu.cn. You will be contacted once we receive and finish the evaluation of your application for the position.

Nankai University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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