Glass Forming Engineer

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Glass Forming Engineer

Scope of Position:
Technical process engineer that develops and applies fundamental understanding or engineering principles to develop, improve or transfer glass forming processes.
All glass related Corning business divisions, all stages of product life from research and development to manufacturing.
Day to Day Responsibilities:
·         Forming process development and engineering.
·         Manage/ lead projects with worldwide impact on glass processes.
·         Interface with Research and Development and Plant Engineering to develop and lead production trials of new products, processes, and technology to improve forming operations.
·         Technical analyses of forming processes and application of results to improving processes and meeting customer requirements.
·         Design and implementation of process experiments.
·         Role is to provide technical leadership and subject matter expertise in glass forming.
Required Education:
·         M.S. – Ph.D. mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, chemical engineering, materials science.
Required Skills:
·         Technical: strong academic background, able to apply scientific and engineering principles to solve complex problems.
·         Data analysis skills: ability to use the PC to analyze process data and trends to reach conclusions that help solve process problems.
Desired Skills:
·         Experience: Development, Engineering or Manufacturing experience in the glass industry.
·         Technical: understanding of glass processes, particularly glass forming
·         Working knowledge of statistics and application of tools for process control and management.
·         Multi-lingual: Japanese, Cantonese.
Soft Skills:
·         Strong interpersonal skills – effective at interacting and communicating across varying payroll levels.
·         Able to lead and work in a team environment to solve problems or produce a product.
·         Able to lead a technical team or provide technical leadership in a larger project team.
·         Confident presentation skills – ability to tailor message to the audience.
Travel Requirements:
·         25+% possible, including international
Hours of work/work schedule/flex-time:
·         40 hours, Monday – Friday; weekend possible depending on location
Apply online at:  
Please search with the Reference Number: 170370
Company Description:
Corning is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, creating and manufacturing keystone components that enable high-technology systems. Corning’s history is filled with breakthrough technologies that have played an important role in the way the world works. We thrive on solving difficult, commercially relevant problems through an innovative and collaborative research and development process. Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D, more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, and a distinctive collaborative culture. A world leader in industrial research and development, Corning staunchly believes in change. We thrive on seeking new opportunities to make a difference for mankind and bringing them to life.
Our dedicated scientists conduct their research with the highest integrity, finely tuned processes and superb skill. Breakthroughs occur when our researchers leverage existing technologies across product lines or come as the result of a profound moment of inspiration or even as an unexpected, experimental outcome. That is when research is at its most exciting. We do everything possible to sustain our culture of innovation. We continually invest in research and development to provide our scientists with the resources they need. This has enabled our scientific community to develop a unique ability to solve complex problems and maintain a keen focus on things that really matter -- technologies that improve our lives and change our world .R&D is the foundation on which Corning’s history has been built, and we have no doubt it will lead us to future technological triumphs.
To know more about Corning's Science and Technology division, please visit the R&D website at: