Opening For Scientific Software Developer : London

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Scientific Software Developer : London

 The successful candidate will have post-graduate experience in the development of scientific software, preferably in the areas of bioinformatics and genomics data analysis. They will enjoy team working and interactions with experimental and computational scientist to work on complex biological datasets, and will have significant experience on the management and analysis of large data volumes and the use of programming languages such as R, C++, Phython, Perl and Java.
This post provides an ideal opportunity to be part of a highly integrated and multidisciplinary environment and to play a key role in the advancement of translational projects and to improve patients’ clinical outcome.
The salary will be on grade 6: £30,940 to £40,809 inc. of High Cost London Allowance.
Master's Degrees or PHD are preferred.
This appointment is for 1 year initially, after which it will be reviewed

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