Associate/Senior Service Fellowship position, CDC Dengue Branch at San Juan

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Associate/Senior Service Fellowship position, CDC Dengue Branch at San Juan

Opportunity for an Associate/Senior Service Fellowship position, CDC Dengue Branch at San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Seeking DVM-MPH, MD/DO-MPH, PhD, or RN-MPH Epidemiologist:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dengue Branch, are seeking qualified candidates with a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine with a Masters in Public Health, or Medical Doctor with a Masters in Public Health, or PhD Epidemiologist, or a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Public Health.  This person will be responsible primarily for using established scientific and technical methods and practices to identify and evaluate a wide range of health conditions related principally to Dengue, West Nile virus, and other arboviruses; provide assistance and consultation in the development and implementation of procedures, methods and strategies for obtaining and using scientific data; be responsible for directing and managing on-site epidemiologic investigations of public health problems, including acute outbreaks and clusters of human illness; principally concerning Dengue, West Nile Virus, and other arboviral outbreaks; analyze study or project implementation procedures to maximize performance, and will work with program specialists and/or scientist as appropriate; provide scientific consultation for large and difficult programs or projects that have unusually demanding scientific problems or issues; identify and analyzes public health issues and strategize for the development of appropriate public health policies; be responsible for justifying defending, negotiating, and resolving issues in scientific and public health policy through participation in seminars, conferences, meetings, hearings, and presentations involving problems or issues of considerable importance; review and edit manuscripts for professional publications for technical content and policy considerations; participate in and lead seminars and programs in scientific settings, including national and international scientific meetings; collaborate and provide scientific consultation with Dengue Branch colleagues, Division level and CDC colleagues, and with external partners; assist in directing the design and management of infectious disease surveillance systems, including continuous ongoing surveillance as well as specialized short term surveillance.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Education:
a. Doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine (or equivalent) with a Masters in Public Health (or equivalent) or
b. MD/DO with a Masters in Public Health or
c. PhD in Epidemiology (or equivalent) or
d. Registered Nurse with a Masters in Public Health
2. Project management skills:  Substantial experience in epidemiologic study design and management; surveillance management; and personnel mentoring and supervision.
3. Analytic skills: Substantial experience conducting in-depth descriptive, and multivariate and regression analysis.
4. Writing skills:  Experience in writing scientific manuscripts
5. Policy skills:  Experience with public health policy research and development
6. Language skills: Spoken and written proficiency in English (and Spanish preferably)
7. Computer skills:  Proficiency in STATA or equivalent (e.g., SAS, SUDAN, R, etc.), MS Excel and MS Access.

Salary will be commensurate with education and experience ($59,383-$91,801) plus 13% COLA).   For consideration, applicants are advised to submit a resume or curriculum vitae by April 3, 2009 to the following address:

Migdalia Rosario
Dengue Branch, DVBID, CDC
1324 Calle Canada
San Juan, Puerto Rico  00920-3860
Telephone:  (787) 706-2399 or (787) 706-2496 (FAX)