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a useful plant website

The technique of efficient & rapid non-tube plant clone was first invented by the professor Li Changxiao, who is praised as "the great master of green-coping" by the media at home and abroad.It is a proprietary technique, and has been used successfully in the rapid propagation of more than 550 kinds of economic plants, showing popular significance to the vegetative propagation of most economic plants. The intangible assets of this technique was evaluated to be worth 1.6 billion Yuan (RMB) by a Beijing authoritative evaluating organization which was authorized by the Ministry of Finance in it. Lower cost and high efficiency is the advantage of this technique.
TERNPC is high-new technology , which can be used the industrialization of different economic plants in low cost, large scale. Characteristics of the technique in use:
1. Use one leaf or one bud as the unit material (0.3-1cm length) of propagation, Inoculate it directly on the sand bed of the field or in the nutrition bag, ten thousands or even one million plants can be inoculated in one day. As for most plants, an entire regenerated plant with developed roots will be got within 4-11 days. After 15-50 days' training, it can be moved out of the garden for transplanting. Rapid propagation is factually realized.
2. TERNPC Professor Li Changxiao invented is obviously different from conventional seedling-growing ways. Whether in the south or north, different latitude or different soil, or different climate, the propagation can be made to happen all the year round. The technique can be influenced by no season. The work can be done on everyday of the year. The propagation will increase by geometric series.
3 . The cost is low. It is without any conditions in the lab. The simple apparatus costs several ten times less as that of tissue culture, several times less than that of conventional ways. It economizes the raw materials. The inoculating speed is 3-5 times faster than that of tissue culture. The inoculating speed is 3-5 times faster than that of tissue culture. So, we can get the conclusion the comprehensively rapid propagation of TERNPC is higher than tissue culture.
4. The cost is low in large scale. With the increasing production scale, the cost will become lower and lower.
If you want to know this technique in detail, Please go to the website: www.clone-p.com/english
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I declare that kind of technique is so miraculous, when I found them on internet. We can research them together!
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